The path to heaven is measured by desire and not miles.

In many ways, prayer is simply an expression of our desire for God and His kingdom.  Often when we see someone in close fellowship with God, living in the transcendent realties of the kingdom, it stimulates our desire to do the same.  Jesus’ fellowship with the Father stimulated a desire in His disciples for God […]

We’re so excited to be at Canaan Land Ministries on Friday September 23, 2016.  We’ll be doing a half-day seminar on Hearing God’s Voice, The Word of Knowledge, and A Five-Step Method for Ministering to the Sick.  Although the sessions are for students only, they will be live-streamed from the Canaan Land website.  For live-streaming please follow the “More Info” link.  For additional information and our complete schedule please follow the “Sponsor” link to our ministry schedule. Canaan Land is a non-profit, non-denominational, Christian home. Men 18 years and older can apply to become students in the one year program. Some men come to Canaan Land as an alternative to prison. Judges, district attorneys and probation officers work closely with the staff to help some men re-establish their good name. Some men come to Canaan Land as drifters or from broken homes, and others are recommended by pastors or friends. Most of them are battling substance abuse, alcohol or some other form of harmful addiction.
Date: September 23, 2016
Time: 8:00-11:00 a.m. Central
Event: Canaan Land Ministries
Sponsor: Sent Ones Unlimited
Venue: Canaan Land Ministires
Location: 449 County Road 165
Autaugaville, Alabama 36003
Public: Private
More Info: Click here for more information.



Jesus will not only baptize you with the Holy Ghost, but He will baptize you with “the Holy Ghost and fire” (Matthew 3:11 and Luke 3:16). It may have only three letters, but the word “and” is a massive word in these passages of scripture. According to Strong’s Concise Dictionary of the Words in the […]

    In the knowledge of Christ, there is an excellency above all other knowledge. There is nothing so pleasing and comfortable, so animating and enlivening. Christ is the sum and centre of all revealed truths: we can preach nothing as the direct object of our faith which doth not some way or other, either meet in Christ, or refer to Him. Christ is the whole of man’s happiness—the sun to enlighten him, the physician to heal him, the wall of fire to defend him, the friend to comfort him, the pearl to enrich him, the ark to shelter him, and the rock to sustain him under the heaviest pressures. He is the ladder between earth and heaven, the mediator between God and man, a mystery which the Angels desire to look into.  As Christ is more excellent than all the world, so this sight transcends all other sights. Looking unto Jesus is the epitome of a Christian’s happiness, the quintessence of the evangelical duties… It signifies withdrawing the eye from every other object to fix it upon One alone, even on Jesus—a name that denotes His mercy, as that of Christ denotes His office… The eye cannot look upwards and downwards at once. We cannot seriously mind heaven and earth together… Because all other things in comparison of Christ are not worthy of a look… The soul is too high to be exercised in the things of the earth. It is fit to converse, not only with angels, but with the eternal God Himself. Hence it wearies itself with looking on divers objects, and yet desires new ones; but once admit it to behold the glorious sight of Christ, and then it rests fully satisfied.
Isaac Ambrose, Looking Unto Jesus (London, England: Sherwood, Neely, and Jones, 1815), pp. 1-4



Many Christians just skim over the surface of the truth that Christ lives in them, but I want you to really concentrate on that reality for a moment—Christ lives in you. In fact, reflect a little deeper while you say this softly, “Christ Himself lives in me.” Galatians 2:20 says, “I am crucified with Christ: […]


proverbs 8:31 TPT

Do you know someone who is chronically unhappy?  Have you ever had a chronically unhappy spouse, friend, boss, etc. who has tried to make you or your performance responsible for their unhappiness?  Don’t play the game.  You can’t win.  Their unhappiness isn’t your responsibility.  While you can contribute to someone’s existing happiness, you can’t fix someone’s unhappiness, no matter how well you perform for them.  Genuine and lasting happiness is a work of grace that happens from the inside out.  It is rooted in the godly contentment that is in Christ and it comes with being able to say “it is well with my soul”, “it is enough”, and “I am enough”.  Wisdom says, “I laughed and played, so happy with what He had made, while finding my delight in the children of men.” (Proverbs 8:31 TPT) One will never be happy until they accept and love themselves and others as they are, instead of fixating on what they think they should be.


Accessing Heaven's Realities Through Prayer

wigglesworth quote on praying from heaven

  The Roman Empire ruled the world during New Testament times. Whenever Rome conquered a nation, they superimposed their national boundary over the whole occupied territory. Unconcerned about pre-existing cultural patterns, Rome instituted its forms of law, religion, art, education, and culture—wanting the civilizations they conquered to be transformed by Roman ideals. It was in […]


Graham Cooke
Graham Cooke Youtube
The thinking we do about God is the most important thinking we will ever do.  Our thoughts about God are the most important thoughts we have.  
However, what if those thoughts are wrong thoughts?  It compromises our ability to recognize His voice.  A vital key to consistently and accurately hearing God’s voice is understanding His nature.  In this video by Graham Cooke, discover the essence of God’s nature and increase your ability to recognize His voice. Click the image or the title to view the video!


Stairway Ministries
  Brooks of Bliss

This is a great word for this season from Brian and Candice Simmons at Stairway Ministries – it’s so prophetic and relevant!

“When we see God moving on, it’s time for us to move too.  Many of our old ways of doing things will not suffice in this season…  God is passing out fresh blueprints.”   -Candice Simmons

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Awakening an Apostolic Revolution

There is a coming apostolic revolution.  In many ways it has already begun.  It will revive us—restoring us to the life of the early church.  It will cause us to return to the principles, practices, and power of the book of Acts. The church will not finish with less power than it began.  The church […]

value quote

“Whatever we feel that we have to do to feel valued by God, then others will have to do the same to feel valued by us.”  -Jack Frost