It’s amazing, but 2016 is almost over!  Does time seem to be moving faster to you too?  What a special year 2016 has been for the kingdom of God!  We’ve seen many notable breakthroughs.

First of all, we’ve just celebrated one year of full-time traveling ministry and have ministered in approximately 200 services in the last year; we’ve made five ministry trips to Alaska, ministering primarily to the Native American community; we’ve made fifteen ministry trips to Washington state; we’ve ministered on two different occasions to the Brazilian community in Seattle, one was a national leaders gathering for Brazilian pastors in America; we’ve ministered on two different occasions to the Iranian community in Seattle and Western Canada; we’ve ministered ten different weekends in New Orleans; we’ve made eight ministry trips to Mississippi; we’ve ministered in Israel—twice in Jerusalem, once in Joffa, and twice in the West Bank; and we’ve just returned from four amazing services in Kansas City, where revival is stirring in new and fresh ways.  Also, as I write this letter, Michelle is preparing to minister in Brazil for ten days.

Secondly, we’ve seen breakthroughs in healings and miracles—space simply does not permit us to share the testimonies, but here’s a few.  In October, we watched Jesus heal a woman (in her forties) who had been born without irises in her eyes.  There was a grey colored spot where the irises should have been.  Her eyes were always mostly closed due to light sensitivity.  It was amazing to watch the iris forming in her left eye as we prayed.  The following day we received this message on Facebook from her friend who brought her to the service,

“I am so very, very grateful that you dedicated time to concentrate on helping Donna with her much needed eye healing!  It was totally amazing to see what God was doing in front of our eyes!!!  There are now beautiful dark blue colored eyes that are much more open, which replaced the silver/gray half closed eyes that were sensitive to daylight.”

In Kansas City, we just saw a 34-year-old man healed who had been born completely deaf in his right ear and was so impaired in his left ear that he required a high-powered hearing aid.  After his healing, this was his testimony on Facebook,

“It’s so weird hearing sounds out of my right ear. I’m not going to be able to sleep because I’m too busy listening to sounds around me… lol!”

People have testified to weight-loss miracles.  It seems most were associated with healing of the thyroid and people have reported waking up six to eight pounds lighter the next day.  One woman in Mississippi had a growth on her thyroid that “popped” and disappeared during prayer.  The next morning, she woke up six pounds lighter and has continued to lose more weight.

During a six-week period, we saw twenty-two dental miracles, with some people receiving multiple dental miracles at one time.  Most of the dental miracles were gold teeth, gold crowns, and gold fillings.  Some people had fillings from the dentist disappear or received white teeth or white fillings.  Dental miracles continue to be reported in the services.

Thirdly, we have seen breakthroughs in signs and wonders.  For example, heavenly fragrances have often come into the services—like roses or lilies, but it has also been cinnamon, frankincense, and myrrh (Listen to episode 006 of our podcast for a testimony about the cinnamon fragrance in one service).  In Washington state, the whole church building was shaken by the power of the Holy Spirit.  We’ve often seen the shekinah-glory-cloud come into the room.  Physical rain has fallen inside the church buildings during numerous services.  Physical wind often blows in the services.  We have seen uncreated light shine in the services, sometimes as a glow over certain people, and other times as balls of light and flashes of lightning.  There have been other signs and wonders that are just too unusual to try and share here.

Fourthly, we’ve seen an increase in very specific words of knowledge.  The Holy Spirit has revealed combined first and middle names, specific numbers like bank account numbers, street addresses, phone numbers, as well as other personal information. 

In one service, I received the first and middle name “Tina Marie”.  The woman was not in service, but her daughter called her and she drove to the service and walked down the aisle.  She received the most amazing word about how much she had sacrificed for that church and details of the plan that God had for her. 

I later discovered the founding senior pastor of that church was her former husband.  He had fallen prey to the wiles of the enemy and was no longer pastoring the church, but God endorsed her in front of everyone and told her of her beautiful future.

In one of our services in Israel, we ministered to an American I will call “John”.  He just sent us this email about the words of knowledge he received,

“As you started to pray, it was like you knew me personally, and the issues I was facing in my life. You said that my time in ministry wasn’t a mistake, which is exactly what I had been feeling… you said I was called like a Joseph to speak to leaders and reach governments. You said you saw me in the State Department and intelligence agencies.  What you had no way of knowing, except by revelation of the Holy Spirit, was that I was visiting the State Department and several of the main intelligence agencies a week prior. I was also… in the country… on a special assignment. Thank you for ministering God’s love to me.”

Of course, the most wonderful thing of all, is that in service after service we have seen the altar filled with people in repentance, returning to their first love, and seeking God.

Glory to God for everything seen and done!  Your financial support and prayers helped make 2016 an amazing year!  Thank you! We can hardly wait to see what God has in store for 2017!

Your Revivalists,

Nathanael & Michelle Wolf

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