On this Christmas Eve, I am thinking about angels.  Angels have always been a part of Christmas from the very beginning.  They announced the birth of Jesus and, to this very day, are co-workers with those who bear the testimony of Jesus.

Some Christians are so focused on the darkness, thinking of the spirit world as a realm full of demons when, in reality, it is a realm full of angels.  After all, since only one-third of the angels fell, wouldn’t the presence of angels in the spirit realm outnumber the presence of demons at least two to one?  Also, couldn’t God as creator make even more angels? These celestial beings are mentioned 196 times in scripture, their mention outnumbers the mention of demons nearly four to one.  There is not one account in scripture of the demonic prevailing in victory over the angelic, yet there are accounts of the angelic prevailing over the demonic.  Scripture says that the righteous are personally surrounded by encampments of angels and that through salvation we approach and encounter an innumerable company of angels.  Referring to the myriads of angelic beings, the Bible calls God the “Lord of Hosts”.

Therefore, we pray your Christmas this year, like the first Christmas, is filled with angels and angelic activity, that the atmosphere of your home would be transformed by the presence of your Savior and His angels, and that all depression, darkness, and conflict during this “Holy Day” would be overcome.

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