Do you feel you would benefit from a spiritual awakening in your life?  Do you love Jesus, but feel burned out on religion?  Or perhaps, your faith is vibrant, but you still feel unengaged, like you’re sitting on the sidelines of Christianity?  That’s not how Jesus meant Christianity to be and we believe your experience can be different.

What modern Christians sorely need is an in-depth spiritual awakening of the whole person. What is spiritual awakening? We believe it’s nothing less than complete and experiential union with God, through Christ, in the person, presence, and power of the Holy Spirit, followed by the manifestation of that union and God’s kingdom in the earth today.

True spiritual awakening must begin with each Christian responding to the call of the Holy Spirit within, where He is awaiting to refresh, revive, and renew. As we are awakened and renewed, the whole person being made whole in pure love, then we can become a healing presence of Christ to the world around us. In sum, spiritual awakening can be nothing other than living the Christian life in union and pure love with the Trinity, with the church, and the expression of that union and pure love, within our world, and to people around us.

The ministry of Sent Ones Unlimited is dedicated to helping you create and sustain the adventure of spiritual awakening in your life and equipping you to be part of Jesus Christ’s continued ministry in the world today. Join us on an exciting journey of discovery into all the “wonder-full” realities of the kingdom of God and in seeing His kingdom come, His will be done, on earth as it is in Heaven.

Click the following links to learn more about Nathanael and Michelle Wolf, the Founders of Sent Ones Unlimited, and read Nathanael’s testimony of surrendering his life to Christ through an encounter with God’s unconditional love.