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Welcome to Episode 028 of the “Awakening with Nathanael Wolf” podcast and radio broadcast.  

In this episode, Nathanael teaches on prayer that is love and love that is prayer.

In this episode, you’ll discover:

  • Prayer is taking your place in love.
  • Prayer is receiving love from God, it is loving God, it is loving God in yourself, it is loving God in others, and it is loving God in creation.
  • If you are praying apart from love, then you trying to use prayer to self-appropriate the nature of God, or the kingdom-realm of God, for your own purposes.

Notable episode quotes:

“So often when we say, ‘I love you’ we say it with a huge ‘I’ and a little ‘you’.  We use love as a conjunction instead of it being verb implying action.  It’s no good just gazing out into open space hoping to see the Lord; instead we have to look closely at our neighbor, someone whom God has willed into existence, someone whom God has died for.  Everyone we meet has a right to exist, because he has value in himself, and we are not used to this.  The acceptance of otherness is a danger to us, it threatens us. To recognize the other’s right to himself might mean recognizing his right to kill me.  But if we set a limit to his right to exist, it’s no right at all.  Love is difficult. Christ was crucified because he taught a kind of love which is a terror for men, a love which demands total surrender: it spells death.” -Anthony Bloom

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Until next time, may you have more kingdom reality, the joy-life of fellowshipping in the family of God, and “MAS FUEGO!” (MORE FIRE!”)

Your Apostolic Revivalists & Equippers,

Nathanael & Michelle Wolf

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