Welcome to Episode 004 of the “Awakening with Nathanael Wolf” podcast and radio broadcast. 

In this episode, Nathanael continues the series of broadcasts on the importance of desiring God in the journey of spiritual awakening.

In this episode, you’ll discover:

  • God uses the fragrances of His virtues to draw us into greater spiritual encounters.
  • The fragrances of God’s chambers are not metaphors.  They are tangible spiritual aromas emitted by God’s virtues.
  • They are indicative of the presence of certain virtues because they are the aroma of the virtue itself.
  • Just like fresh baked bread emits an aroma, in the spirit realm, mercy emits an aroma, suffering love emits an aroma, joy emits an aroma, etc.
  • People have even physically smelled and savored these aromas in worship or in the lives of the saints throughout church history.

Notable episode quotes:

“St. Catherine Dei Ricci (d. 1589) was well-known for the perfume that issued from her body. One of her biographers wrote that: she sent forth a most sweet odor which surpassed every known perfume in the world. This did not happen always nor continuously… It was chiefly when she was in prayer, or when she came out after Holy Communion, and during her hours of ecstasy… Once all the nuns of the monastery of Prato had the joy of breathing these heavenly perfumes for twenty-four hours without a break whilst her ecstasy lasted. This odor clung to her clothing and every object she touched… Sometimes the very places in which she communed with heaven remained sanctified through the presence of this heavenly balsam.” –Joan Carol Cruz in Mysteries, Marvels, and Miracles in the Lives of the Saints

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Until next time, may you have more kingdom reality, the joy-life of fellowshipping in the family of God, and “MAS FUEGO!” (MORE FIRE!”)

Your Apostolic Revivalists & Equippers,

Nathanael & Michelle Wolf

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