Here is Your Free copy of our Essential Five-Step Guide to Ministering Healing!

Thank you for your subscription to Sent Ones Unlimited!  As promised, here is your copy of our “Essential Five-Step Guide to Healing”.  Enjoy!

We’ve seen many people healed of a variety of diseases, disorders, and injuries while using this method–including a man that had been blind for two years and a young man that was born deaf in his left ear. 

It’s a great tool to keep with you for reference when ministering to the sick.  Place a copy on your phone, iPad, other device, or if you’re still old-school, print a copy and put it in your Bible.

Our only request is that you honor the copyright on this material by not emailing copies to others, posting this file online in any format, printing copies for hand out, or otherwise distributing in any way.  However, please feel free to direct others to our site to obtain their own free copy.  Our web address is on the guide for handy reference.

Also, please look in our store for our companion audio lesson entitled, “An Essential Five-Step Guide to Ministering Healing”.

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