Watch Live Online

sent ones unlimited on periscope


You can now receive live online-streaming of our events on Periscope.  Periscope is a free app for mobile devices – including smart-phones and tablets.  You can also view Periscope broadcasts on your computer from the Periscope website or via Twitter or Facebook feeds.

Here’s how you can begin tuning in today.  Go to the App store on your iPhone/iPad, or the Google Play store on your Android smart-phone/tablet, and search for Periscope.  Download the app. Once you’ve downloaded the app, open the app and join Periscope by using your Twitter account or your phone number.  Periscope was initially designed to work best with Twitter.  So, if you want to watch live on a mobile device, it is worthwhile to sign-up for Twitter to have easy access to the broadcasts.

Once you join Periscope, you can find the ministry of Sent Ones Unlimited by searching for our Periscope “handle” which is @nathanaelwolf.

Follow us, and when you do, make sure you set your notifications so that you get an alert on your device whenever we are broadcasting. You should set up notifications since we will be broadcasting many events at various times throughout each month – sometimes daily – often unannounced.

Also, once you’re on Periscope, use the Periscope app, along with Facebook, Twitter, or any other social media, to share our broadcasts.

While watching, you can also tap the screen to send “hearts”.  Hearts are a way for you to show that you like that we’re broadcasting or that you are enjoying the broadcast’s content.  Please send lots of love.  It improves our standing in the Periscope rankings.  

On most of our broadcasts, we enable limited comments to avoid “trolls” and spam.  This improves the viewing experience.  If you would like to leave comments, we must also follow you on Periscope.  If you would like us to follow you, please send us a request from our contact page, along with the name you used when you signed up for Periscope and your Periscope handle.

The Periscope broadcasts have a shelf-life of 24-hours in the app on mobile devices.  However, you can CLICK HERE to visit our page on the Periscope website to watch older broadcasts.  Enjoy!