What’s Israel really like?  When people think of Israel they often think of it as the “Holy Land”, and without a doubt, the land of Israel is the historic and promised land of the Bible.  Everywhere you go in Israel, you can find the names, and the many associated archeological sites, of the places that you read about in your Bible—places like Jericho, the Jordan River, Bethany, Nazareth, Bethlehem, the Sea of Galilee, Jerusalem, Caesarea, the Valley of Megiddo (Armageddon) etc.

However, although the land itself resonates with the presence of God, currently the hearts of many people are spiritually empty and there is spiritual darkness—yes, believe it or not, in the land of the Bible.  Of the 50 different people groups in Israel, 41 of them are unreached with the gospel.  Of the population of 8,157,000 people, 8,075,000 are unreached with the gospel. 

Of the population of 8,157,000 people in Israel, only 26,160 people are identified as Evangelical (Evangelicals are those that maintain that the essence of the gospel consists in the doctrine of salvation by grace through faith in Christ’s atonement). 

Only 30% of all Israelis identify with any religion, while 65% of all Israelis identify themselves as either not religious or “convinced atheists”. In contrast, 80% of people surveyed in America identify themselves as religious, with 75% identifying with the Christian religion.  [Sources:,,,,]

It is evident that Israel is not only the Holy Land, it is a mission field for the gospel—it is ripe for revival.  This was my fourth trip to Israel (Michelle’s second), and on all our trips so far, after seeing most, if not all, of the “religious holy sites”, we are beginning to see something much deeper—the deep love, mercy, and compassion of God for those whom Jesus died—that’s what God considers pure “religion” anyway—mercy, compassion, and love.  It’s heartrending that a person could live 100 feet from the place where Jesus was raised from the dead, yet know Him only as a religious figure in history, have no saving knowledge of Him, no personal relationship with Him, and not have had one single tangible encounter, of any kind, with Him.

Our recent trip was focused on that—asking the Holy Spirit to provide people with a tangible encounter with Jesus, with the reality of the kingdom of God—that the Holy Spirit would begin to ignite the church in revival fires. 

Jesus is Still Healing the Sick in Israel


We ministered in five different services in four different churches.  In Jaffa, the Holy Spirit came with power and seven words of knowledge were given (digestion problems, pain in the wrists, pain in the fingers, pain in the ribs when breathing, a problem in the bend of the elbow, a problem in the arch of the foot, and pain on one side of the front of the neck). Seven people testified of receiving 100% manifestation of healing.

In Bethlehem, we taught people a simple method for ministering to the sick and they began to pray for one another. One woman had pain leave her abdomen, another had increased mobility in her arm, and another woman’s shoulder was healed with full restoration of movement. In Beth Sahour, the Holy Spirit enacted the kingdom by healing a woman (through a word of knowledge) who had pain in her shoulder for two years, by removing pain from a young man’s knees, and by healing a man who had low back pain and making his legs even.

In Jerusalem, we did a two-part teaching, first on defining the gospel of the kingdom and, then on demonstrating the kingdom of God in power. One woman suffering from pain in her abdomen was healed (featured in the video) and another woman had pain leave her legs and increased mobility.  Yay Jesus—all the glory to Him for everything done!!!

It was thrilling to watch the looks of pleasant surprise on people’s face as the same Jesus who walked the shores of Galilee, by the person of the Holy Spirit, begin to walk among them and heal the sick.

On this trip, we also met with tour guides and ministry leaders in Israel and are planning a trip for next year.  The tentative dates are in mid-late June of 2017.  Would you like to go to Israel and experience the same thing—to see the “holy sites” and to see Jesus touching people that He loves today?  If you’re interested in going, please visit our contact page on this website, fill out the form, and in the testimony/prayer request section tell us that you’re interested.  We’ll be sure you get all the communications as plans develop.

Pray for us as the Holy Spirit may guide—which is how we also pray for you—we need your prayers!  This week, we’ll be back in the New Orleans area again for three revival services, and then we’ll be in the Seattle area again for four weeks of revival services in July and August.

Until next time, may you have more kingdom reality, the joy-life of fellowshipping in the family of God, and “MAS FUEGO!” (MORE FIRE!”)

Your Apostolic Revivalists & Equippers,

Nathanael & Michelle Wolf

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PSS – Below is a brief video of our 2016 Revive Israel Tour.  It’s exciting to see Jesus is still touching lives in the Holy Land!



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