Thank You for Your Partnership Subscription

Thank you for your partnership subscription!  You are helping bring revival all around the world.  At Sent Ones Unlimited we love the words of Paul the Apostle to the Philippian church when he said; “The Philippian church was the only church that supported me in the beginning… You supported me for well over a year.  I mention this not because I’m requesting a gift, but so that the fruit of your generosity may bring you an abundant reward.” (Phil. 4:15-17)  The generosity of the Philippians helped launch one of the mightiest apostolic ministries in history—the ministry of Paul the Apostle.  And yet God, through the Apostle Paul, wasn’t acknowledging their support from a motive to get more from them, but from a motive for them to receive their reward.

At Sent Ones Unlimited we also want you to receive your reward.

So please declare this with us, “I declare that I am now receiving the reward for my faith-full and obedient partnership, that my heavenly account will be credited with my offerings and that, according to Mark 10:29-30, it is seed that multiplies 100-fold in good soil.  I am declaring that my earthly accounts are being reconciled with my heavenly account, and that I always have more than enough for my needs, my righteous desires, and to give to the gospel, the poor, and any work that the Holy Spirit directs me to support.  In Jesus Name, Amen!”  Hallelujah!  We’re in agreement with you for the manifestation of this declaration in your life.